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Nothing Care

Accidents happen. Nothing Protection Plan helps you solve problems like screen damage at a fraction of cost.

Phone (2) Protection Plan

Damage by drops and falls (e.g. display breakage)
Liquids (e.g. spills)
Incorrect use
Excessive voltage, short circuit
Sabotage and vandalism

24h online claim reporting
Toll-free customer support
Worry free claim process, contact at


No, the insurance policy is personal

Currently we only offer 12-month plan and it can not be prolonged.

No need to register after purchase, the contract is valid and active at the time the customer pays for the device on Nothing´s webstore

No, the insurance policy is personal and directly linked to the device purchased. Unless each member of the family purchased a new device on the Nothing´s webstore, then one policy for each device will be created.

Whether it's liquid damage or theft, our phones are exposed to risk every day. Guaranteeing phone protection from the start means that you can enjoy your device straight away, without additional financial concerns.

You can buy insurance cover up to 6 months after your original purchase.

To make a claim, you will need to have your original invoice at hand. Click here for access to the claims page.

1) Log in with your certificate number and PIN (on the insurance certificate).

2) File the claim and pay the deductible.

3) You will receive a shipping label for sending in your device to our authorised repair partner for free.

4) Your device will be assessed and repaired or replaced, if necessary, and shipped back to you.

Nothing Care is available for 28 countries in Europe, including the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Austria, Sweden, Romania, Denmark, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia, Finland, Hungary, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Malta, Luxembourg and Slovakia.

You can check the Insurance end date in the certificate document, which will be sent to your mailbox after purchase.